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PROEBIZ: eAuction software

PROEBIZ is the most widespread eAuction software in Central Europe. The quality of the product is affirmed by its success in having moved beyond the borders of the Czech Republic into the neighbouring countries of Slovakia, Poland and Germany.

PROEBIZ is used by several hundred companies and institutions. Consequently, tens of thousands of eAuctions and other e-tenders take place each year with our support. More than 160.000 eAuctions and other e-tenders have taken place on the PROEBIZ servers in all. PROEBIZ is available in eleven languages.

As well as having its own eAuction clients, NAR also provides PROEBIZ software to external eAuction providers. In light of its impressive modularity, PROEBIZ can also be described as an eAuction system. The primary type of eAuction is the ERMMA system (reverse multi-criteria and multi-item auction). We also provide e-tendering, sealed bids, Dutch and ticker eAuctions. PROEBIZ can also be used for traditional “forward” eAuctions.

PROEBIZ can be accessed with either a limited licence, known as VAH (Virtual Auction Hall), usually lasting for one to three years, or with a permanent software licence (PARK).