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FSA: Fair Sourcing Awards

FSA is a competition whereby selected users of electronic tools in the area of company purchasing or public contracts are awarded prizes for their work. Although NAR was the originator of the project, the organisation of the competition has been handed over to the national association of providers and users of e-tools (APUeN) which assembles and administers the jury and evaluates the applicants.

The competition is divided into three categories: Start, Trend and Master. Start evaluates results achieved over the first year of use of eAuctions. Trend is not only about results, but also about innovative and inspirational approaches. Master evaluates the overall approach to the computerization of purchasing decisions and long-term results.

Users of any kind of eAuction system or other electronic tool for the support of company purchasing or public contracts can enter the competition. The only connection with NAR in practice is the fact that the prizes are awarded at the eBF conference in November, which they organise.