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Do an eDoctorate in eAuctions. We have devised for you an e-learning programme which will teach you all that you could possibly need to know about eAuctions. Up until now, no doctorate in the knowledge of eAuctions has been conferred. However, we believe that when they are, graduates of this course will undoubtedly receive one.

It’s a totally unique electronic educational programme encapsulating the fourteen years’ experience of specialists working with the management of the PROEBIZ eAuction system. You will learn how to set up, run and optimise eAuctions directly from the developers of the most widely used electronic auction software in Central Europe. These experts have trained thousands of users and the bulk of their know-how can now be made available through a single web application. Course participants will also have access to the very same PROEBIZ software which is used especially for eAuction training.

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