About the company

As well as being one of the leading providers of electronic auctions, we are trendsetters in this field and leaders in eAuction know-how.


NAR came into being at the beginning of 1990 as a sole trader business run by Mr Miloslav Kaplan. The three letters of NAR stand for Nakladatelství (Publishing House), Agentura (Agency) and Realizace (Implementation). The company became N.A.R. reklama spol. s.r.o. in 1996, and went under this name until 2003 when the final name change came about, and NAR marketing s.r.o. was born, which much more effectively captured the main activities of the company. At the time before and around the new millennium the company was focusing almost exclusively on strategic marketing with a major emphasis on the use of the Internet.

2001 was a turning point for the company as a result of work involving the creation of some of the first eAuction software in the Czech Republic. The system was named Odysseus after the crafty warrior from Homer's epic about the Trojan War. Just two years later, a new, intelligent system named PROEBIZ was created which built upon the earlier system but provided a larger number of functions and modules. At this point the company discontinued its work in all other business ventures and focused its efforts exclusively on developing the new eAuction market.

The first eAuction was organised by the company in September 2001, for the selection of an auditing firm for a large engineering company. The auction was a great success, with multinational companies exclusively taking part. Their bidding, including a quality guarantee, brought the price down by a third.